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Captherm,  for high heat or radiant flux measurement

 Captec sensor Captherm  allows measurement of high heat / radiant flux, for fire tests, in glass furnaces, tests of fire starts, calorimetric cone, ...

It is a cooled sensor (internal exchanger) and equipped with a stainless steel outer shell (heat shield)

Measured flux can be:

  • conductive

  • convective

  • convective + radiative

Like all Captec sensors  Captherm is linear, the output signal is a voltage proportional to the heat flux, the sensitivity remains constant, does not require power supply or cold junction compensation. It is a real differential sensor and the connection is made by two standard cables to connect directly to a voltmeter or datalogger configured in DC voltage.

Captherm Advantage: This sensor requires no precise coolant temperature or precise flow rate. A connection to the running water circuit is sufficient.

Captherm can be made according to specifications:

- size 

- fixing holes

- Captherm flat shaped heat exchanger

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