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Thermal Conductivity,  make easy thermal conductivity measurement

Captec  offers a range of thermal conductivity meters for thermal conductivity measurement on plate-shaped samples.


For relatively conductive materials (pvc, epoxy, ceramic, stone, bricks, wood, glass, ...) sizes of samples are typically 50x50mm, thickness a few mm.


For insulating materials (glass wool, polystyrene, expanded foam, hemp wool, ...) sizes of samples are 200x200mm, 250x250mm, 300x300mm, thickness a few cm.


The Captec Thermal Conductivity Meter can be custom-made to fit the measurement surface to the shape and dimensions of samples (circular, rectangular, and even complicated shapes)


The implementation is very simple; It consists in measuring 3 steady-state voltages (2 flux measurements and one temperature difference measurement)


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