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Heat Flux Sensor,  for heat flux measurement


The Captec heat flow sensor measures the heat that passes through its surface.

Very thin and plate-shaped, this sensor is to be glued or applied to the surface on which the measurement is to be made.

Very easy to use the measured flow can be:

  • conductive only, case of a sensor in contact between two objects.

  • convective, case of a sensor installed on the surface and low emissivity.

  • convective and radiative, case of a sensor installed on the surface and high emissivity.

It will be said that this sensor measures the total flow taking into account its surface state.

These sensors are used in various fields such as

  • civil engineering

  • characterization of thermal insulation, concrete, ...

  • Fire test, UN 6C

  • thermal resistance measurements

  • thermal conductivity measurements

  • thermal comfort

  • education, practical work

  • chemistry

  • nuclear

  • solar

  • spatial

  • aviation

Very easy to use the heat flux sensor is linear, the output signal is a voltage proportional to the heat flux, the sensitivity remains constant, does not require power supply or cold junction compensation. It is a real differential sensor and the connection is made by two standard cables to connect directly to a voltmeter or measurement acquisition configured in DC voltage.


Each sensor is delivered calibrated in μV / (W / m2), mV / (kW / m2)

Captec  offers a range of standard sensors, square shapes and sizes between 5x5mm and 300x300mm.

The heat flux sensor can also be made according to specifications:

  • high temperature bonding

  • cryogenic bonding

  • resistant to pressure or vacuum

  • all forms according to diagram

  • with holes for screw passage

  • gold plated to ensure low emissivity

  • cooled sensor, on exchanger to measure high flows.

  • multi-zone sensor

  • sensor with guard area

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